Tamsalu Gymnasium is a comprehensive secondary school in North Estonia. The curriculum of our school focuses on subjects such as foreign languages (English, Russian, and German ), Art, Music, History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Physical Education, Maths, the Estonian language and literature, Psychology( Human Studies, Family Studies), Technical Drawing, Civics and Citizenship Education, Career Education, Economic and Business Studies, National Defence . In grade 11 the students have to do a research project. In preparation of this project in grade 10 all students follow a course fixed in our curriculum called Bases of Inquiry.


 A number of students in the school catchment area are bilingual, which means they speak Russian as their mother tongue and use Estonian as the language of communication and instruction at school.


Tamsalu Gymnasium has an outstanding repertoire with regard to literature, modern foreign languages, art, and choral singing. The school has a 46-year-old tradition of organising song and dance festivals held each spring. In addition, the school has excellent sports facilities and the local sports centre together with the swimming pool, walking and jogging trails and ski tracks is the main attraction among the sports facilities of Tamsalu.


For more information about Tamsalu go http://www.tamsalu.ee/eng/