Lupeni is a municipality in the county of Hunedoara, Transylvania, Romania. It has a population of 23,390 inhabitants and it is a disadvantaged area with a high level of unemployment, economically and socially isolated. Theoretical High School “Mircea Eliade” – Junior High School Number 2 Lupeni is an institution of primary and secondary education with recognition at local, county and even higher level. The number of students is 550 aged between 6 and 15 with a total of 40 teachers and 10 nonteaching and support staff. Our goal is to improve the communication skills of our students, to share and learn many things together with our partners from the countries of Europe. Our school has been involved in several eTwinning, Comenius and Erasmus+ projects in the past. We are currently involved in an Erasmus+ project that started in September 2017. The students and the teachers in our school have gained a lot of experience and want to be involved in different projects. Our school is proud of international projects with partner schools from Spain, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, England, Italy, Wales, Germany, France. The key persons involved in this project are experienced and trained in European Project Management and are part of the management team: 1. Mrs. Mester Diana, the

deputy headmistress of our school, is experienced in European projects and supports the internationalization of the school and this project as well. 2. The contact person and the coordinator of this project in our school, Mrs. Stefanescu Diana is a language teacher responsible for the commission of international projects in our school and methodologist in European projects of the County School Inspectorate. 3. Mrs. Bozea Violeta, English teacher and coordinator of an on-going

Erasmus project in our school, is also the president of the commission for educational projects and programmes in our school. 4. Mr. Stefanescu Codrin, Geography teacher, has practical experience both in project writing and in implementation of Erasmus projects. 5. Mrs. Harangus Violeta, primary school teacher, has experience in European projects, especially in e-Twinning projects. There are more teachers in the project team who will help implement this project: Traicu Gheorghita (Mathematics and Informatics teacher), Nicolaescu Alina (Mathematics and Informatics teacher), Kasza Maria (Technology and Informatics teacher), Ponyori Nicolae (Religion teacher), Negura Stela (English teacher), Miclea Lidia (primary school teacher), Mihaiasa Maria (school counselor). It is very important for our school to share experience with schools from different countries, because we can learn from each other and share European values, which make us better people and European