Ahmet Sarı High School  is a general high school founded in 2004.(located İlkadım(city center) /Samsun/Turkey ) Since 2012, admission is based on the standardized high school entrance exam developed by the Ministry of National Education.Our 9th grade (15-16 years old) students have 6 or 8 hours English  weekly and basic subjects (maths,chemistry,literature,p.e,geography,physics).  10th grade students(16-17 years old) have 4 hours english lesson and subjects can change they choose them..Some of them mainly have  maths,some of them mainly have language lessons and social studies(history,geography, etc..) and we form the classes according to their choices. but our former students entered the school without enrance exam (11th and 12th grade students) have little english. We prepare them university enterance exam.

Number of teachers: 44

Number of students: 516

web : http://asl.meb.k12.tr/