Middle School No. 5 was founded in 1999 in Leszno. It is located in Gronowo, northern district of the town. At our school there are 278 students (aged 13-16) and almost 40 teachers. There are 3 classes on each grade level. There are about 30 students in each class.

At our school there are 13 classrooms, a staff room, an office, a gym, a radio broadcasting center, a conference room, a library, a common room, a tuck shop and a hall. By the school there are a lot of places where students can develop their sports talents, e.g.: a playground, a football pitch, volleyball, tennis and basketball courts.

The curriculum of our school focuses on the following subjects: Polish, History, Civics, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, IT, Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, foreign languages (English, German, Spanish) and Religious Education. Students can also take part in after-school activities including: music, photography, drama, journalism, sport (e.g. taekwondo, volleyball, football), foreign languages or science.

The school’s patron, Arkady Fiedler, was born in 1894 in Poznań and died in1985 in Puszczykowo. He was a Polish writer, traveller, naturalist and lieutenant. He published a lot of books, for example: “Robinson Crusoe Island”, “Orinoco”, “White Jaguar”, “Squadron 303”, “The Madagascar I Love”. Every year, together with his family members, friends and people fascinated by his activity, we organise meetings to commemorate Fiedler’s life and work.

Middle School No. 5 has participated in a lot of local, domestic and international projects. Some of the recent ones include: “Make A Step” (teaching students from India and Brasil conducted lectures and classes devoted to world problems – the workshops were lead in the English language), “Kinder KonnenKlima” (two German actors arrived at our school, discussed environmental issues and prepared a play with the students – the whole project was fulfilled in the German language), Comenius Project – “One Vote One Thought” – international students’ exchange.

Students from our school often use opportunity to check their knowledge and skills in diverse local and domestic competitions. They achieve success in different areas. The students’ results of exams taken at the end of the school education are top in the town.

Our school also takes part in lots of charity events. We organise fund-raisers for people who need help. Every year we have a Christmassy concert called „Podzielsiędobrem” (Share The Good). People watch and participate in auctions and performances. They also sing Christmas carols, buy occasional ornament and have fun.

Middle School No. 5 is a place where students can not only develop their skills and broaden knowledge but also pursue their passions and hobbies. We do our best to raise our school educational, pedagogical and organizational level.