General Secondary School “Angel Karaliychev” is located in the town of Strazhitsa which is near the historical city of Veliko Turnovo. It is a small town (about 5000 citizens) with administrative functions. The town is a centre of municipality consisting of above 20 villages which means the main source of living is the agriculture.

The school is the biggest in the area and has students from the town and the neighbouring villages. At present the number of our pupils is about 700 aged 7 - 19. It is a general secondary one which means the students learn all the general subjects and in that way get ready to apply to any university. For the high school students we created a special profile specialised in English and ICT.

We have a quite colourful mixture of pupils. Some belong to different ethnic groups (Roma, Turks), and others are with special educational needs and take extra classes with professionals. There are also students from the local orphanage. For these children our school provides regular psychological consultation. We also have very talented students who take part in national and international contests in different fields- arts, music, literature, sports, and science, and win prizes. The school is in the centre of the cultural life of the municipality and it is involved in all events organized by the local community.

There are many sports events which take part in the school’s sports hall. There is a literary club which meets the student with contemporary writers and takes part in many literary competitions.

The aim of our school is to expand students’ outlook, to show them that being different is something good. We are trying to give them all necessary knowledge to become self-confident and open themselves to the world.

We are not a five-star school but we do all our best to give good education to our students.

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