Nowadays one of the major problems of school education is the lack of practical experience of the students. They are not aware of the duties involved in doing certain jobs, the skills they require and the necessary level of education. More and more young people feel dissatisfied with that fact. Some of them look for additional sources to meet their needs; others feel education as useless thing and slowly drop out. To meet that needs the project sets the following objectives:

  • to gain practical experience in running and working for a company
  • to develop entrepreneurial skills;
  • to develop digital skills;
  • to improve transversal skills;
  • to improve communication skills;
  • to enhance English language skills;
  • to develop basic skills in Maths;
  • to combat early school leaving;
  • to raise students awareness about their personal qualities;
  • to value the importance of international cooperation as the future of a successful company;
  • to develop further the 21st century skills:
  1. Critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning,communication with partners;
  2. Research practices;
  3. Creativity, artistry, curiosity, imagination, innovation, personal expression;
  4. Self-direction, planning, self-discipline, adaptability, initiative;
  5. Leadership, teamwork, collaboration, cooperation;
  6. Information and communication technology (ITC) literacy, media and Internet literacy;
  7.  Economic literacy, entrepreneurship;