Secondary School Angel Karaliychev is the largest school in Municipality of Strazhitsa. It hosts students aged 7-19 not only from the town but also from the surrounding villages. The number of students is around 520 and the staff is 82. The school focuses on delivering lessons in general subjects thus allowing its students to prepare for applying to Bulgarian universities. It has introduced a couple of new profiles in its curriculum- Social studies and Entrepreneurship with enhanced learning of English and a vocational one - Bakery. It offers well-equipped classrooms as well as 6 computer labs with Internet connection. There is a large sports hall hosting different competitions and tournament on local, regional and national level. Secondary school Angel Karaliychev has experience in Comenius and Erasmus+ projects both as a coordinator and partner. It has been working on several national programmes of the Ministry of Education focused on supporting talented students and underachieving students. It has also been working with an NGO aiming to support Roma students (students from ethnical minorities) to pass the final exams successfully and to be integrated in the school life. In addition,  the school has a working student council which takes an active part in decision making process related to the school life.

Joining the project will help the school build key competencies, and provide students with practical skills in creating a student run company and online shop, principles of holistic management and organic farming  thus allowing them to experience the real-world life. Students need to enhance the development of their transversal skills necessary for a successful career start. Working in an international environment will have a positive impact on their self-esteem and will create useful links between participating organizations.

Being experienced in entrepreneurship education and bakery, Secondary school Angel Karaliychev will offer practical workshops on leadership and teambuilding as well as traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

 People who will be actively involved in the project belong to the management department, Accountancy department, IT department and Foreign languages department. The key people involved will be: 1. Zdravka Kostova- English teacher and coordinator of the project 2. Tsvetanka Zaharieva- Deputy Director, responsible for the logistics and financial control 3. Petya Kalcheva Deputy Director and Geography teacher and Pepa Trashlieva Geography teacher experienced in the entrepreneurial education 4. Ivanka Vasileva- vocational teacher 5. Milena Petrova- English teacher, experienced in Comenius and Erasmus+ projects 6. Milko Kolev-IT teacher, experienced in creating supporting websites. In case these people leave, their places will be taken over by their substitutes after a period of training.