Namık Kemal Anadolu Lisesi is a general secondary school which was founded in 1956. It has 70 teachers and 920 students (aged 14-18). It teaches English and German along with other subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, ITC, PE.  Each classroom has an interactive board and an internet connection. Teachers and students mainly use EBA portal (Education Information Network), interactive educational materials, social media tools during the lessons.

As the world continues to change the face of business change as well. But our education system can’t keep up with the way the world and business are progressing and innovating. What we taught in our school is still an old way of thinking. We have to promote our students to try new things. Many people spend ever-increasing amounts of time on the internet. They offer their products and services online. With the help of the project, our students can learn how to run their own company using social media. They will also try to produce materials to sell. So, they can realize their talents, potentials, passions and the entrepreneurial spirits they have inside them. There are five partner school from different countries in the project. It means that our students can learn about new cultures, new knowledge and new ideas. They can expand their perspectives. They will take the first step to become young entrepreneurs.

During the project we are planning to grow organic vegetables in our school garden, to make souvenirs during our Visual Arts lessons and to do handmade items and sell them through a web site designed by students themselves. At this point our school has lots of facilities such as a workroom for visual art, a big garden surrounding our school and some teachers and students with various skills, eagerness to be able to deal with such a project. Moreover, we have an ITC teacher and some students who are good at using technology which will help us make the most of the Net. We have strong connections with the local university that will help us in executing the project at a scientific level.

Our Foreign Language teachers İbrahim Altuntaş (he is also deputy manager), Visual Art teacher and ICT teacher  will be the key people in charge of running the project in our school.

In case these persons leave their post in the future Our Foreign Language teacher and Erasmus project coordinator Selin Ak Tezgören  and our maths teachers who are also good at ICT will be the key people.

Our project coordinator İbrahim ALTUNTAŞ is experienced in eTwinning and Erasmus plus projects (KA229 and KA101). Our Visual art teachers took part in many eTwinning projects. Our Maths teachers and IT teacher have expertise in coding, creating web sites. Also, our director Cengiz ÇETİNKAYA has been involved in many Erasmus plus projects.