Please vote for the name of the International Student Company that we all are going to found as part of the project.

The suggestions are:
1. LOTS - It is made of the first letters of our towns (Lupeni, Ogre, Tamsalu, Samsun and Strazhitsa) and at the same time it means "a lot".
2.LEARN ALL LIFE - the name is related to the name of our project and its main objective. The only word changed is ALL, because it represents ALL countries in the project, as well as an urge to continue lifelong learning ALL life, even after the end of our project.
3. ETERNAL - The TERN is a type of seabird. It is very loyal to its family. In addition, the meaning of the word is endless. The meaning of endless loyalty also refers to all countries.
4.AAYAA - it is an acronym of the last letters of the names of the countries. That way we can include all of us under one umbrella in the conpany.
5.Meraki - Greek verb that describes process that you do with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.


Please vote here: