Tamsalu Gymnasium is a comprehensive secondary school in North Estonia.  At present there are 356 students  (aged 7-19) and 38 members of staff. The school is situated in a small-town and surrounded by a rural area.

The curriculum of our school focuses on subjects such as foreign languages (English, Russian, and German ), Art, Music, History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Physical Education, Maths, the Estonian language and literature, Psychology( Human Studies, Family Studies), Technical Drawing, Civics and Citizenship Education, Career Education, Economic and Business Studies, National Defence, Global Education. In grade 11 the students have to do a research project. In preparation of this project in grade 10 all students follow a course fixed in our curriculum called Bases of Inquiry.

After graduating, a lot of our students have successfully continued their studies at different universities in Estonia.

The school has started to improve the use of ICT by purchasing tablets and laptops for classroom use  and upgrading the wi-fi coverage. The teachers have been attending courses on ICT and the use of computers in teaching. The teachers are open to new ideas and try to apply the ideas learnt in their teaching.

 A number of students in the school catchment area are bilingual, which means they speak Russian as their mother tongue and use Estonian as the language of communication and instruction at school. There are about 12 students with special educational needs at our school and they are given  instruction based on their needs and abilities.

 The previous projects have had a huge impact on such areas as students' self-esteem, attendance, academic progress and motivation. It has been a valuable learning experience. Contacts, especially with students all over Europe are very important to broaden their horizons not only by television or the Internet but by personal contact and raise their awareness of European citizenship. That's the reason Tamsalu Gymnasium considers participation in international European projects like this highly relevant.

The key people will be teachers of English, Estonian, music, art, home economics, health education, maths, physics, ICT and history. In case the coordinator leaves, the team will reconsider the roles and there will be enough teachers to take over the role. For example, the teacher of maths  or English, who have been attending courses and projects concerning the different topics. The teachers are all ready to participate in the project and have done that during the previous international projects.

Tamsalu Gymnasium has participated in  Erasmus+ projects   “Young Entrepreneurs – Learning by Experience”, “Integration of New Technologies into Classroom”.  At present we are involved in  KA2 and 1 KA1 projects.  We have a project core team of 10 teachers who are the leaders and run the project activities. The school secretary also has an active role in organisational work.